What’s your box gonna be today?

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A) For Quality
Hollow Rock
Arch Rock
B) 5RFT (10min cap):
10 Squat
10 Push-ups
20 DU
:30 Rest at the end of each round
C) In 20 min, complete 1 RM Sq. Cl.


4×4 100m Franklin Hill Sprints on :90. 3 mins between sets.
*Compare to 6.12.13Contexts are like boxes. When you set a context for the moment, your day, or your life, you create a new box for yourself (you can actually create new ones whenever you want).

Why put yourself in a box? Because context shifts your perception in such a way that new, PREVIOUSLY INVISIBLE actions become possible. What does thatmean? As an example, let’s take a look at the difference between “Competition” days and “Practice” days and at the contexts that might get created for each one.

Competition workouts are GOAL and RESULT oriented. They are there to make you very uncomfortable – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Discomfort is an important part of growth. You’ll break down personally constructed walls in all three of those areas when you insist on getting uncomfortable (and you have to insist on it, you won’t do it by default). A context for Competition might be “breathe when there’s pain, but don’t let it stop me,” “I will finish,” or simply, “I will win.” That last one can make you uncomfortable just thinking about it! All decisions are made BEFORE you begin.

Setting a goal or result for a Competition puts you in a tight, small box. It is supposed to do that! Set your “rules” before the game as a roadmap for victory. Do you have to follow it? Nope. Will you want to, halfway through the workout, when the voice in your head cries “STOP!”? Definitely not. Will you know what you are made of when you do it? Absolutely.

Practice workouts are INTENTION and PROCESS oriented. They are there to give you the space to experiment and check in with what’s working and what needs more work. Freedom to move in unplanned ways is also valuable, lest you get stuck in a rut that has ceased to serve you.

Setting an intention for a Practice workout is a much larger box, but it’s still a box. An intention gives you freedom to move in new ways. But it also LIMITS your movement. Your intention might simply be to have fun, or demand to learn something that you didn’t know before you walked in. You might ask people to catch you when you get too serious and make you dance (Andy Petranek), or you might ask a heck of a lot of questions (new action) rather than work quietly in the corner (not allowed in this context!). Decisions are made every time you move. If you aren’t changing things up, you may actually be stuck in a Competition context (take a look, you may discover that you are always there!). Being process oriented means creating each moment.

Competition and Practice boxes are very different sizes, but they both they grant freedom. Yes! Putting yourself in a box CREATES freedom! Think of neon gas. Floating around the atmosphere, you might never even know it’s there. Put it in a tube, run a current through it and it shines bright. Smaller, tighter tube? Brighter light! That’s you. Confine yourself willingly and see how bright you can shine. Without confines you’ll grab ANY action as a REACTION to how you feel or what you think.

What context can you create, for a workout or other part of your life, that will give you actions you never thought of? (Hint: ANY context will do!)

So proud of our team. Every single member contributed a component to the whole, and had a blast doing it. The third place win was just a cherry on top. #lovethesepeople #porttownthrowdown #crossfit #teamcfla #family @thekennykane
Context? Competition AND Fun! A high level achievement!



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