What’s Your Double Under?

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Everybody has a movement that drives them crazy. A movement that makes them groan when they see it being written out on the whiteboard, and they think, “WHEN will I ever get better at this?” For many people this movement is the double under. As a coach, I see no other movement that can turn a perfectly happy student into a grumpy individual faster than a double under.

So, what’s your “double under”? And WILL you ever get better?? Well, all you have to do to answer that question is ask yourself one more: Are you practicing this movement regularly? If not – then the answer is, at best, possibly a long time from now, or at worst, never! That’s no good at all.

Make a commitment to love your “double under” and make it your strength. Practice twenty reps a day for eight weeks and see what happens.

Alisa works the jump rope.

Today’s Workout


After warming up, make 4 attempts at your 5 rep max. You may increase weight each attempt. You can drop the bar from the top of the snatch, but must immediately regrip and move on to the next rep.



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