What’s Your Favorite Time to Workout?

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A) 5 rounds on the 4 for distance:
:60 Row
:60 Rest
:60 1 Sq. Cl, 1 P. Sn., 1 Sn. Balance, 1 OHS @ 70% of 1RM Sq. Sn.
:60 Rest
B) Adv – 2 Min Max MU’s
Int – 2 Min Max CTB chin ups, rest 2 min, 2 min max kipping ring dips
Beg – 2 min max strict chin ups, rest 2 min, 2 min max dips

The hot weather of late has made me much more present to the time of day it is when I work out. And yes, even though I’m up in the North, I’m still in the West, and it’s been darn hot. Working out at lunch time is suddenly considerably less appealing than it used to be.

But heat wave aside, do you have a time of day that just feels ‘right’ for working out? When I first started training with Andy years ago, I was a hardcore 7am-er because of my work schedule. (Well, once he started offering 7am, classes that is – when I first started he only had one class each on Tues night, Thurs night, and Sat morning – but that’s a whole different blog post.) When I started working full-time at CFLA, then I migrated toward the lunch-time classes. These days I find my sweet spot is around 3pm. It’s after most of my work day is done, but before the gym I attend goes bonkers with attendance.

So what is it for you? Do you train in the morning because of your work schedule? Do you train at night because that’s when your energy feels best? What’s your favorite time to train and why?

Becca Borawski served as Program Director at CFLA for seven years and is now part of the extended coaching family. She is the managing editor for Breaking Muscle, a website designed for real athletes and real coaches. She lives in Portland, OR and is most likely preparing a paleo meal at this moment.

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