What’s your jam?


Row 200
1 Wall Walk
Row 200
2 Wall Walks
Row 200
3 Wall Walks
Row 200
4 Wall Walks


2X, 2 minutes on:1 minute off
In Teams of 2, accumulate as many points as possible.
Teams work 2 mins on one movement dividing work as needed,
rest 1 minute then move on to next movement.

Wall Balls (20/14) = 2 pts per rep
DU’s = 1 pt per 3 reps (OR 1 pt per 7 singles)
Sit to stands = 2 pts per rep
(Adv) Rope climbs = 6 pts per rep OR Beg & Int Pullups = 2 pts a rep
Slam Balls (15/10) = 2 pts per repI really love what I do at the gym. I love CrossFit; it’s my jam.
I love intense workouts that leave me feeling totally spent. My jam.
I love doing things that I get to get better and better at. Also my jam.

Sometimes I share my jam. Especially with people who I think could use a good fitness kick-in-the-butt.
“Hey, you should come and check out what I do, it’s AWESOME.”
Then it turns out that it’s not their jam. At all.
They not only don’t like it, they hate it. The thought of it makes them look like they just smelled bad milk.

Mostly after that happens, I say something like “OK, well if you’re ever interested…you know, let me know.”
You know what I don’t do after that? Say “Well what IS your jam? Wanna hike? Spin? Learn to cook?”
Cuz remember, what I said was “people who I think could use a good fitness kick-in-the-butt.”
Then I realize that what I secretly want is for someone to say “You are so COOL! Thanks for showing me the way, you awesome trailblazer.”

You know what’s not my jam? People doing nothing. So what if my workout’s not their workout?
What my jam is, is people learning to make really great choices and having an awesome life.
Somehow I got that confused with them doing MY workout, and I STOPPED there.

What happens when you share what you love with someone for their good and they reject it? Do you stick with supporting anything that’s good for them or get pushed off by their “rejection?”

It's baaaaack. Revised & redone, ready to be enforced. Art greatly done by @chinoooooooo @aptbcollective #respectyobox #burpeelaw #crossfit

Are BURPEES your jam?

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