What’s Stopping You?

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Today’s Workout

2 Rounds, Max Effort Attempts of Each:
Max Handstand Hold
Max Bar Hang
Max L-sit
Max Time Arch-rocks

*Rest as necessary between movements


2,000 meter row, for timeWhen talking to people about enrolling in the Whole Life Challenge I have heard a few students say things like, “Well, there’s no point in me doing it because I’m just going lose all my points on _____ .” There is a resignation and a sense of defeat in that statement. Why bother trying, because you know you’re going to fail, right? You just can’t give up your gum, your soda, or your cream in your coffee. I recognize that sentiment loud and clear. You know why? Because I said it, too. My first response to Michael asking me if I was in on the challenge was, “Well, I’ll play along as best I can, but I’m going to lose all my nutrition points automatically.” I refused to believe I could give up my Diet Coke. At the time I was less than a week free of Diet Rockstar, giving up Diet Coke just seemed cruel.

Then I started to think about it — truly, if there ever was a time to give up a bad habit. THIS is the time. When do I have a group of people and a structure aligned to support me like this? Do I think it is going to be easier to give it up on my own? Would I even genuinely try to do it on my own? Maybe, in fact, this is actually the best scenario for me to be successful and I am just scared…and maybe I kinda like my bad habit.

So guess what — I’m in. Really in. You’ll be seeing me in my office with my new tea pot drinking green tea and black tea. Diet Coke no more. And the rest of the coaches better be on point, because I fully plan on winning the side pool the staff has going…and I’ll be winning some good habits for my life in the process.

What’s stopping you? Get in.

Nicola is focused.



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