When Do You Perform?

As my intro into the COMPETITION WOD yesterday, which was challenging, I went around and asked the members to describe a time outside of the gym where they view themselves as being on a stage.  I thought of this idea as I played a gig this past Friday night.

There were some great responses, but the common theme to all of them, was that each person described a moment when they needed to achieve greatness, and to enter into “Flow”.  They needed to put their fears aside, dig deep, and bring their “A” game.  They put their head down, and move forward, staying in focus and not letting in any distractions. 

This is how I usually look at CFLA’s COMPETITION days.  It is Game Day baby!  It is the Super Bowl, World Series, U.S. Open (yes, tennis or golf), whatever event you want to relate it to, you have prepared through practice and determination, and the time has finally come for you to head up onto that stage, and give it your best shot. 

I am proud of myself every time I get up on that stage, and I am proud of all of our members every time they walk into the gym, regardless of the WOD, because they are committed to our cause of longevity for health and fitness. 

So, the next time you have an important presentation during your office meeting, or that last round of interviews for your dream job, or your next talent show, be sure to tell yourself that you are prepared for this, and that you’re going to hit a home run!

Wednesdays’ Workout:
Mental Toughness

Complete as much work as possible until cutoff at undisclosed time
KB Swings (24/16)
KB Alt cleans
KB Goblet squats
*100m KB Carry

And Coming Thursday:

3-5 x 5 (~80-85%)B) FQT
Power cleans (50-55%)
Jumping lunges (2-ct)

C) 4 RFQ, with a partner
A: 200m Row
B: Max Handstand hold
Switch and repeat

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