Where are your Chinks?

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When’s the last time you referred to our chart of athletic levels and milestones? Have you circled the things that you need to work on to make you a more well-rounded athlete? After this weekend at the Games, I know of a couple that are gaping holes in many people’s training and programming – 1. Running and 2. Absolute strength. Think of all the ways you can practice running – technique only, running fast and slow, long and short, uphill and downhill, in the heat and cold, in the morning and evening, on an empty and full stomach, carrying weight, pulling or pushing an object, barefoot (Vibram’s) or with shoes, and with any other variable you can think of. Now get out there and do it… today! Thoughts?

Nice lift, Kathryn!

Today’s Workout

Run 10k
route from gym
– If you don’t think you can make 10k in under 60 minutes, run out for 25 minutes, turn around and run back… see how close you make it back to the starting point by the 50 minute mark.
– Measure total distance ran on http://www.mapmyrun.com.
– By the way, if you don’t have a sports watch for running and CrossFit workouts, do yourself a favor and get one and wear it!



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