Where have you been and where are you going?

Welcome Back Everyone!

The last time I posted it was about reflecting on your accomplishments which I hope you did. Now, there is a chance that you saw some trends that might have you concerned regarding your business growth and stability… which is actually a good thing. Being able to look at your business and spot negative trends is more important than spotting the good things because the good things don’t need any work. The negative trends need your attention.

Here are some trends to be aware of:

Flat bottom line gross for 3 months or more
reduction in profit margin
employees leaving abruptly
losing the same amount of clients as new ones joining
increased work hours with no ROI

If one or more of these things are currently happening at your box you have to do something quickly. If you don’t know what to do maybe our seminar could help. We have one coming up in 4 weeks in Austin. It’s linked on the Crossfit message board here. If you need to register email me at john@crossfitla.com or call me 310.990.9148.

Post any negative trends that you may need to work on either immediately or during the first part of this year to the comments section.

And here is a video that is about apprenticeship programs in other businesses.

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