Who are YOUR people?

Who are YOUR people?

What community of people do you choose to be around? Have you thought about the impact that your community, your friends, your associates have on you? Are you around people that live in drama, like to gossip and talk about other people, criticize, blame, are generally negative, pessimistic, complain, or take no responsibility for themselves or for their actions? Did you realize that behaviors of the people in your community have an impact on you? And what about health – can that be effected too? The answer to that is definitely YES, “Taking up smoking is contagious; so is quitting. Obesity is contagious. So is happiness.” (from the NY Times – Social Medicine)

Do yourself a favor and take a look around you… are you in the environment and around the people who’s lives and commitments look like those you’d like yours to resemble? If not, maybe it’s time for a change.

Look out – it’s a tall, skinny, super-fit guy jumping onto a tall box – it’s Smidty!

Today’s Workout
Bench Press – 2 sets for max reps at bodyweight (women – 60% bw)
– Load a bar with your bodyweight (or a load you can complete at least 10 reps)
– Complete as many reps as possible in one set. Rest. Repeat.

– rest –

1000 m row
5 min rest
1000 m row



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