Who Are You When Faced with Limitations?

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A) 4 Rounds on the 2:00
8 Ring Dips / :20 Support Hold
16 Squats
8 Pull ups

B) For Quality & Load
2 Jerks

C) 3 RFT
800m Run
3 Front Squats ~90%


A) For Quality
4 Rounds on the 2:00
5 Snatches

B) 4 RFQ :45:15
Hollow Rocks
Arch Rocks

C) For Time
20 Burpees
15 DB Jerks (45/30)
15 Push UpsThis past week, I watched a lot of people do the 14.4 Open workout; from my own amazing CFLA teammates to Rich Froning’s video where he makes all the things that feel so hard for us look so easy — as usual. I love it all. I respect it all. But two performances in particular were the most memorable for me. The first was Kevin Ogar’s adapted 14.4. As I watched him, the farthest thought from my mind was pity. In fact, it inspired me wildly because he is able to access his fullest potential in the moment, no matter the level of potential or the degree in which he is able to do something. I don’t often remember the best performance, but I always remember — and am moved by — an athlete with the most heart. I felt similarly watching athlete and L1 trainer Steph Hammerman, who happens to have cerebral palsy, do her adapted 14.4. Her heart in the fight and her willingness to stay in the pain cave until every second drains from the clock motivates me.

We all have limitations. We all have walls to confront and bust through pre-workout, mid-workout, in everyday life. Who are we when facing those walls – if we’re even brave enough to face them? This isn’t about feeling badly for someone with limitations including ourselves, but about being inspired by the heart and the ability to give one’s all to the brink of raw, uncharted emotion. It’s not easy letting yourself get there, but the reward is also raw and uncharted. Our physical growth is important, but our emotional and mental is equally so. And this balance is paramount here at CFLA. Thanks for the reminder Kevin and Steph. Watch Steph’s video here. See Kevin’s below.

Now for the Philanthropic Throwdown winners of 14.4!

First Place Overall: Another tie between Boomshakalaka! (Spirit #1, Participation #2, Philanthropy #1, Performance #3) and 14.KickAss (Spirit #2, Participation #1, Philanthropy #2, Performance #2)!
Second Place: Chalk, Sweat, Cheers (Spirit #3, Participation #4, Philanthropy #3, Performance #1)
Third Place: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop (Spirit #4, Participation #3, Philanthropy #4, Performance #3)

For next week: We are doing 14.5 at Trojan CrossFit, 431 S. Hewitt St, LA, which will be super exciting! Heats begin around 9am; however, Kenny has let them know that we’d like to start around 11am. Get to the event as soon as you’re able, but preferably before 11. We are told that parking will be tough in that area, especially during an event. There is a parking lot, but also street parking where you can find it. There will be food trucks and vendors there, too. We can’t wait to show other gyms how CFLA brings the spirit.

You guys rule.



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