Who Calls You Out?

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I recently learned of a great new blog, by Kelly Eller, called, Me vs. MJ. The website is about one man’s journey toward playing a game of basketball with Michael Jordan. Kelly doesn’t know Michael Jordan and he doesn’t even know anyone who knows Michael Jordan, but he is determined that if he puts his goal out there publicly and commits to it one hundred percent, that he can make it happen.

So what happens when you have a goal, but there is no definitive end, and maybe even you are not sure if and when it is going to happen? It can be hard to stay focused and that is when it is incumbent upon us to surround ourselves with people who will support us. People who will call us out when we stray from our commitment and our determination wanes.

Kelly recently wrote a blog entry about just that — who do you have in your life that will call you out? Who of your friends is friend enough to be honest with you? And if you cannot think of a name, are you really pushing yourself to your full potential? Think about it. Do you have someone like Kelly’s brother in your life?

My brother wasn’t calling me out to make me feel bad or to make me doubt my game.
He was calling me out to make sure I make the most of my abilities each and every time.
He was calling me out so that I never take a day off.
He was calling me out so that I always prepare by giving my all.
He was calling me out because he cares.
Who Calls YOU Out?
Who cares about you so much that they will speak up, even if uncomfortable, to help you maximize your potential?

For the full article — Who Calls You Out?

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