Whole Life Challenge for Kids

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Today’s Prodigy Workout
10 Rounds:
5 Deadlifts
5 Dips

Today’s Game
CrossFit Powerball
5 sit ups earns a turnThis Saturday the 2nd Annual Whole Life Challenge Begins. This year we have special “Kids” rules that are more applicable and real to our kids. Here is a quick overview of how things work. Starting Saturday, February 11th until April 7th your health/life will be challenged. Challenged in the areas of nutrition, sleep, physical activity and limiting TV/video hours. What does this mean? Each day during this challenge you will start with 6 points. 3 points for nutrition (staying within our guidelines) 1 point for accumulating 8 hours of sleep, 1 point for 30 min of physical activity and 1 point for watching less than 1 hour of TV and or video games per day. You goal is to keep as many of your points as possible. You will log your points by coming to the blog daily and checking in by 9pm the following day. The challenge also starts with a baseline workout at Rancho park on Saturday, we will retest the workout April 7th and see how much you improved. So, what are you waiting for: Email shirley at Crossfitla.com to sign up. $25 fee



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