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Ok, maybe I’ve talked about it too much over the past few weeks, but I got to see the one, and only, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN in concert this past Saturday at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena.  This was the last show at the arena, because it is an absolute dump, but I’m sure many memories from ya’ll were had and shared there.  Bruce has played over 30 shows at the arena, so it was only right that he close it down, so they can rebuild what I hear will be a soccer stadium in the coming years.

I bring this up because, as most of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Bruce.  I didn’t dive into his catalog until 2007-2008, when I first enjoyed seeing him in concert during the Magic tour.  The man is an absolute MACHINE.  He’s one of the most prolific songwriters, performers, and front men for any band, and still continues to rock today, after several decades behind the mic and guitar. 

I bring up the BOSS, because of his complete commitment, and PERSISTENCE to his craft, of writing music, and giving 110% at every concert, over 40 years later after he started performing.  Coach Chip had a great intro for today’s mental toughness WOD, in how we related to the word PERSISTENCE, and what in our life were we currently being persistent at, whether it be parenting, relationships, going after that special career, or learning to cope with health issues, each student had a unique answer. 

Today’s WOD wasn’t easy, but everyone kept on going, chipping away at those TWO mile runs, and the 100 KB swings.  Nobody called it quits. 

Bruce hasn’t called it quits either, and I don’t think he plans to do so.  His energy is absolutely amazing, because he delivers a message to his fans, day in and day out. 

We can all learn something from the Boss, and that is, to never stop fighting for the message you want to share, and for what you believe in. 

Wednesday’s Workout:

Bench presses

B) Rowing extravaganza
Focus on torque

C) 4 RFQ (30:30)
Double unders
Deadlifts (55%)
Alt Rev lunges w/ pass-through (45/30)

And Coming Thursday:

Box squats

B) 4 RFQ
10 Strict pullups
10 Strict ring dips
–3min Rest between rounds–



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