Who’s leading as of NOW?

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Today’s Prodigy Workout
“Death by Lateral Burpees and Deadlifts”
Min 1: 1 Lateral burpees, 1 Deadlift
Min 2: 2 Lateral burpees, 2 Deadlifts . . .

Today’s Game
Musical Medicine BallsI get the behind the scenes look at everything and it’s pretty school. When you sign your name below, click 3, 1, 1 and 1. I see when your score comes through. I also see if you misspelled your name or clicked enter too soon. I can also see if you forgot to log your score for the day! If you do forget, it’s ok, what’s most important is that you are making concious decisions in your life regarding your food and your health! Keep choosing vegetables over sugar. Get to bed on time to you can have a successful day at school and limit that TV and computer time, (Facebook DOES count). And don’t forget you can check the scoreboard by clicking HERE!

In the lead as of right now is….drumroll…….. Hannah Goldsobel, good work Hannah! Keep up the good work!

Michael-doing dips



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