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61 days ago, the 100 day burpee challenge began. It is/was an informal challenge – no official “sign up” or entry… just “play along” with everyone else taking the challenge. We had over 50 people respond in comments on the site that day that they were “IN.” Now, 61 days later, I’m curious, who’s still “IN?” I’d like to know who I’m playing along with!

Asim gets some on the Concept II rowing ergometer!

Today’s Workout

Tabata Intervals – each movement is composed of 8 intervals of :20 on / :10 off for max reps.
Tabata* L-sit (20” on/ 20” off)
Tabata Mountain Climbers (4 count)
Tabata V ups
Tabata Pull Ups

Special, today only… 61 BURPEES! Only 39 days remain.
Burpees done to date: 1,891



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