Why I Love What We Do.

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Our mental toughness WOD yesterday may have brought a bit of pain, but it sure did bring a hell of a lot of GLORY.  All members fought through many reps of burpees, and many meters of running, and they didn’t stop. Were you satisfied with your work capacity after 30 minutes of continuous moving? I sure was.  Put your head down and GO!

Transfer to today’s WOD which includes some rowing, sit to stands, and ring dips.  A varied style of movements, in different rep schemes, and in a practice context.

Crossfitter’s have adapted the idea of varied movement, and we at CFLA are able to speed up or slow down.  We are able to perform at extremes, to dive in head first, or wade in the water to test it out.

I love this about us.  We get a good workout everyday, testing our skill, strength, and endurance levels, all while having fun, competing, and taking on a challenge. 

I have been Crossfitting for almost 7 years, and I will continue to do so, because I am never bored with what tomorrow’s work will throw at me.

Keep on it CFLA.

Wednesday’s Workout:

Box squats

B) Handstand walk celebration

C) 3 RFQR on the 4:00
10 Pushups
200m Run
Max kipping pullups
–3min Cap each round–

And Coming Thursday:

“Franklin Hill 1, 2, 3”

3 Rounds for total time
50m Sprint (1st to 2nd light)
100m Sprint (1st to 3rd light)
150m Sprint (1st to 4th light)
–All intervals start on the 3:00–



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