Why Variation Is So Great.

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You guys will notice that our CFLA Spring Break WODs may be a little unordinary, or unconventional compared with our classic Crossfit WODs.  Why you ask? It’s because we want to create different adaptations to a variety of stimuli. 

First off, using various weighted tools (dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell) are all dynamic in their own way, and each provide a different opportunity to move it efficiently and safely. 

Seven years later I still can’t get enough of Crossfit workouts because you can create an infinite number of combinations of tools, rep schemes, and duration.  That variety is what keeps us on our toes and keeps us guessing how our body is going to perform and respond to what’s on the board for the days work. 

Bring an open mind, a willingness to show up and perform, and most of all have fun!

Wednesday’s Workout:
Spring Break

“I want the Ball”

200m MB Run (20/14)
15m MB Soccer dribbles
15m MB Adductor hops


And Coming Thursday:
Spring Break

“Run, Tumminello, Run!”

5 Circuits FQT w/plate:
8 Overhead squats (45/25)
8 Swings
8 Bentover rows
8 Rev lunges with twist
8 Diagonal chops (Right)
8 Diagonal chops (Left)
200m Carry
–Rest 90sec between circuits–



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