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Yesterday afternoon, my 81 year old client Pat came into our session and immediately said to me, “We’ve been working together for a few weeks now, and I want to sit down and set some goals.”  I mean, how cool is this lady?  We talked about strengthening her weak side, opening of her hips, and general core strength, all while taking into consideration her arthritis due to aging. 

I found this to be relevant for several reasons:

1)  Pat shows ambition and dedication against adversity.  She knows she may not fully recover to what she was prior to her stroke, however she is willing to work at advancing her newfound “self”, in order to overcome certain obstacles.  She gets frustrated when she can’t do a minor task, but I tell her to use that frustration to combat fear and lack of confidence in something she is struggling with, and she continues to work at it. 

2)  She is performing the activity of just “showing up”.  That’s right, she is showing the F up.  We’ve all heard this before, from teachers and mentors, coaches and parents (well maybe not in that context).  I overheard Kenny and some others talking about this recently, and how personal growth and advancement happens when you make yourself present to opportunities, no matter how big or small. 

3)  Setting goals gives us the opportunity to prioritize what is important to us now and in the future.  It helps us to lay out a strong foundation of where we are as a person, who we want to be, and what’s going to help us get there. 

Perhaps you want to set a goal for 3 months out, that you increase your 1RM back squat by 30 lbs.  It’s important to define that goal, identify and create the path to get there, and then visualize yourself hitting that goal. 

Talking with Pat about her goals gave me the reason to re-visit the goals I had set in the beginning of the year.  I set a number of short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals, that I input into a spreadsheet for clarity.  Needless to say, not all were met at the half-year point, however I am pleased that I am on track and in the process of taking steps towards my passions and what will help me to feel content with myself. 

Life is a lot like a Mental Toughness WOD, for example, “MURPH”, where you just chip, chip, chip away at what is thrown at you, continually keeping your head up, making progress, and being confident that you ARE going to finish. 

Wednesday’s Workout:

  1. A) 5 RFR (:30:30)

Plank from hands

Strict Pullups

Squat cleans (50%)

Alt pistols

  1. B) FQL, working up across sets



And Coming Thursday:


4 Muscle ups

8 Box Jumps (32/24)

16 KBS (32/24)



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