Why are thin people so darned thin?

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Today’s Workout

Wendler Cycle 3, Week 1
5 @ 65% 1RM
5 @ 75% 1RM
5+ @ 85% 1RM


3 rounds
Pull ups- Max reps

-3 min rest between roundsThis may seem like a silly question, but have you ever stopped to wonder why thin people aren’t fat? A BBC documentary looked at obesity from that angle to determine if naturally thin people could eat themselves fat given completely a completely unrestricted allowance of calories. A study was performed and a 1967 Vermont prison experiment that attempted the same was looked at as well. What they discovered was interesting. Some people who are naturally thin couldn’t increase their bodyweight by more than 18% even with a calorie intake of 10,000 calories a day! Among the findings, they believe that appetite has a genetic basis and that the number of fat cells has a direct relationship to obesity in that each individual cell signals you to eat and store energy, and that your number of fat cells will never decrease. Take a look at this article from the inhuman experiment to read more and watch a clip. Does this mean weight loss is a lost cause for some? What has your experience been? Are you naturally thin or naturally heavy? Have you broken through what seemed like an insurmountable barrier in weight loss? Post to comments.

Sam takes his kettlebell to the extreme!



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