Why do it at all?

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Thursday’s Workout (NO CAP)
Franklin Hill Sprints
6x bottom to top
– start every 5 minutes

…and coming Friday (NO CAP)
In 20 minutes:
Deadlift 5-5-5
– work up to three heavy sets
Three rounds for time:
800m Run
80 Squats
Sometimes when writing workouts a fun, but kind of complicated workout idea arises. Complexity often comes with the question, “how would you score that?” Inevitably in those situations someone suggests 2 scores that can be in conflict with each other, like time and reps –i.e. the conflict is you will get a faster time if you do less reps. Then there’s a debate about how anyone would incentivize someone to try and maximize both. Someone will wisely suggest that it is really up to the person not to “sandbag” any part, they’d really only be cheating themselves. Then someone else may add that just showing up and doing the workout with an increased level of intensity is a lot to ask anyway, and they’re already doing that.

I was asking a client about this and he posed an interesting question — why does anyone even show up and do the workout for time? I mean, no one is forcing you. Most of the time we’re not wondering if you’re sandbagging. What’s the motivation for pushing way beyond what at one point in your life seemed like very reasonably set limits? That not only gave me a little insight into worrying about those “complex” workouts, but into us.

I do it at this point because it’s fun and because of the results. It’s the best way to get what I want. Strength and health. What drives you? Why do you go as hard as you do when most people would tell you that way less is more than enough?

The pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!



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