Why do YOU CrossFit?

Why do YOU CrossFit?

Laurie (paddling below with Marina Del Rey Outrigger Canoe Club) answers that question to a perfect stranger…

Andy & Becca,

So try walking up and down several flights of stairs in downtown LA in a skirt and high heels the day after our “continuous running clock” squat sequence. Wobbly and sore quads!!!

I must have looked funny walking down the stairs, as one guy stopped me and asked if I needed help. He thought my high heels were the problem. When I told him that the problem were my quads from yesterday’s workout, he told me that I should be mad at my trainer. I simply smiled and replied “But that’s why I do it.”


Today’s Workout
for time:
2,000m row
8 pull ups
16 push ups
1,000m row
16 pull ups
32 push ups
500m row
24 pull ups
48 push ups



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