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This photo was sent to me by Andrew P… he took it from his house when fires burning in the area posed a significant threat to his home. Here is the text he sent me… “We do burpees for physical fitness. We need physical fitness for emergencies… like sprinting up a ladder with a garden hose.

He went on to say, “I was trying to get some sleep with a difficult presentation due the next day. As I was falling asleep I heard someone down the hall say there was a house on fire. Normally this gets my attention, but with single digit humidity and ~20mph santa anas I was on my feet and dressed fast. I have experienced many fires living at home, but this one was fierce and fast. It was not only a chaparral fire; it had caught a grove of pine trees (not native to these hills) on fire on the golf course. There were, in my estimation, 40-60 foot high flames. It progressed very quickly to 100 acres. Although it was about a mile away the winds were headed toward us so I connected 2 hoses and drenched any vegetation or wood structures. Thank god for 130psi. Next I’ll upgrade to 1″ hose and a drenching nozzle.

View of water drop from Andrew P's

Today’s Workout
10, 9, 8… 1 rep ladder for time of:
L-Pull Up
Planche Push Up
Box Jumps – 24″

Today is 18 burpees. Get some!
“Buy-In” – 171 Burpees



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