Why is this the year?

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Because you say it is, that’s why… because there is only NOW and there is no other year to make your dreams come true… because haven’t you waited long enough to get out of 2nd gear… because you choose it to be the year and that’s all that matters and no one, no matter how close or respected or their expert opinion if contrary to yours, will get in your way. And this is because you…

go the extra distance

write that thank you note

show up early for class

listen more intently

dig a little deeper

hand out one more business card

have more fun

look for the things your clients do right

enroll more people for your team

dream a little bit bigger

know your numbers

watch one coaching video every day before leaving your house

walk the talk and talk plenty

dial in your Zone

smile with your clients more

make your weaknesses your strengths

believe in yourself

give tough love when it’s necessary and give love every other time

Because this is who you are. You are the man and you know it.

So tell me, why is this the year for you?

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