Why Listen?

Today’s Workout

– Class starts with the random pull from the CFLA SmackDown hopper.
– The chosen ball corresponds to a workout – that is the class’ WOD.
– BEWARE of the dreaded “Double Downs!” Do you ever think about how you listen? When someone starts telling you something do you listen just long enough to get what you think the gist is and move forward? Do you listen until you’re pretty sure you’ve heard it before and then respond the way you have in the past? Do you listen like all there is in the world to do is listen? It all may come down to why you are listening.

Think about how you listen when you are really interested in something. You hang on every word. There is actually an experience in getting the details — they paint a picture. You wouldn’t think of missing out on the listening if it meant missing out on part of the experience. Now think about how you listen when you just want to get on to what you’re “really there for.” When you are listening just to get it done, you might start filling in blanks in your head, you might stop listening and start planning for the most likely situation, or you might decide you’ve got all the information you need and start thinking about something else entirely.

What if listening was what you were there for? And then when it was time to “do,” doing is what you were there for. What could be different about your experience if you could “be” listening when it was time to listen and “be” doing when it was time to do?

Ryan F
If I should die before I squat…

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