Willing To Want To

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Today’s Workout

Deadlift 5-3-1+
Wendler Cycle 4, Week 3
(75%, 85%, 95% 1RM)

— rest —

Tabata Mashup:
Walking Lunges
Ring Dips/DipsHave you ever asked someone for guidance and had them suggest something that you immediately, without a moment’s hesitation say “no chance!” to? You know that it falls outside of the scope of what you currently consider right, acceptable, workable or possible. I’ve become interested in the notion of being “willing to want to” and how it may be the key to opening doors and opportunities that have been up until now unavailable. I don’t mean by this that I’ll just say “yes” to everything that comes my way, only that I am willing at least to consider it — that I’ll entertain it no matter how nutty it might seem at first.

Do you think that there are “foundation” rules that simply can’t be broken? Honestly ask yourself, is real change possible if you already “know” that something just is “the way that it is?” Already knowing something is definitely a formula to give you more of the same. Being willing to want to can crack open the shell of what currently exists as possible and show you a world of possibilities that you never knew existed.

What do you think?

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