Today’s Workout

“Summer Slam Fridays”
5 rounds, for time:
10 Squat snatch (115/75)
10 Burpees
Final round followed by 800m runIf you told me when I walked into CrossFit LA in February of 2005 my life would be forever changed, I would not have believed you. In the ensuing six plus years, however, CFLA has given me amazing gifts – my health, my career, my undiscovered athlete, my inner entrepreneur, my ability to truly love, my power to access who I actually am and what I was born to contribute to this world, and my two best friends, Michael and Andy.

It has also given me wings.

So it is bittersweet, what I have to share today – my departure from CrossFit LA.

Some of you are not surprised and you won’t be surprised again when I tell you I’m headed for Portland, Oregon. Last fall, when I arrived home from my trip to Nepal, after a roller coaster year, I knew exactly what I wanted in my life and I declared it to those around me – “I want to be a writer, a wife and a mom.” For me, living in Los Angeles does not mesh with how I envision that working. Portland does. Last November I set into motion a long-term plan for moving to Oregon in May of 2012.

Last week, out of the blue, I was offered a dream job. A job that if I told you what it entailed, you would think they couldn’t create a better job from scratch for me — writing, video production, photography, social media, and even CrossFit — it encompasses everything I am and all the skills I have accrued over the years. Truth is, they did create the job for me. I didn’t even go looking for it — they found me. And as providence would have it, the company is based in Portland and they are going to pay for me to move.

I will be here for the rest of July and back and forth in August. By the end of August, I will be a Portland resident and my job title will be “Resident Writer.” More than a dream come true and ahead of schedule.

Even though I will be gone, I won’t be absent. I will still be posting a weekly blog. I will still be working with Andy on the business consulting side of things. Perhaps my name will still live for a while on the leaderboards…but I hope not.

Many of you have shared with me over the years, what CFLA has done for you and the part I have played in your lives. I assure you, beyond a doubt, each and every one of you has played an even bigger role in mine. I will miss you all terribly, but I will carry you with me everywhere I go. I would not be able to do this – I would not be able to create this life, exactly as I imagine and desire it to be – if it weren’t for CFLA. You are the very fibers in my heart.

Keep showing up and working hard. Don’t count the reps you know I wouldn’t. And play a little country music for me once in a while.



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