Winter Wonderland

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Chad defies gravity.

Today’s Workout

“Winter Wonderland” written by Greg W.

5 rounds for time of:
10 burpees
100m run
10 clapping push ups
100m run
10 tuck jumps
100m run

Clapping push ups can be done either from the knees or toes. Push off hard from the ground and clap your hands together before “landing” your push up. These should be explosive and an audible clap should be heard!

Tuck jumps are jumping straight up into the air and pulling your knees as high and as close to your chest as you can. Do not kick your feet BEHIND you – pull your knees in front into a cannonball. See Chad above!

If you are looking for a workout buddy – check the comments for other CFLA’ers looking for a workout!



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