With great power comes great responsibility

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I’m writing this during a time of reflection due to my father being terminally ill. See my father did not live a CrossFit life since CrossFit is a discovery of recent years and he didn’t have the opportunity. That said he certainly did everything to hasten his demise. I say this not in judgement but as fact. He smoked at least a pack of cigarettes a day for as long as I have known him and apparently the years before I could have. He also is a recovering alcoholic which means he stopped before his liver gave out. His current condition might have been avoided since neither of those two factors are the direct cause of his illness. He had a stroke due to a brain aneurysm, survived only to have the brain surgery complications prevent a full recovery and eventually leave him at death’s door. His mother died of an aneurysm at the same age. Apparently my family is predisposed to them.

The question for me is… in doing Crossfit have I altered my future? I certainly hope so.

I believe that had I found CrossFit earlier I might actually been able to affect his choices. Maybe he wouldn’t have ever done Helen (or maybe he would) but maybe he would have adopted a smoke free life and enjoyed the benefits of a Paleo nutrition program instead of embracing pharmaceutical intervention only after things are bad.

The question to you is… do you understand the full scope of how you can truely affect people’s lives?

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