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For time:
1,000m Row
50 Thrusters (45)
30 Pull-ups
*See 1/17 for Jackie results


A) 10 min HSPU Practice
– dedicated time to advance/play with new HSPU elements
B) 5 rds, each for quality, on the 2:
5 Clusters (Squat Clean to Thruster) @ 65% of 1RM Thruster
10 Strict Pull ups
C) 2 rds for quality reps:
:60 pushups
:60 rest
:60 burpees
:60 rest
:60 DU
:60 rest
Monday night I did a first… I hosted a radio show! What’s that mean? Well, we had the idea a few months ago about hosting a webinar in the middle of the Whole Life Challenge with Mark Divine (founder of SEALFIT, US Tactical, and Unbeatable Mind). We thought that Mark could offer some insight into the world of ‘mental toughness’ that would be of some use to the participants in the Challenge.

When we discovered the world of online talk radio, we realized that we could reach a whole lot more people with an audio only format than with video. So we set up a Whole Life Challenge radio station, scheduled it with Mark, and I did a bunch of research and listened to a bunch of different interviewers for how to ask questions. Then, at 5pm Monday night, we went live!

In spite of making quite a few rookie mistakes (you’ll hear at least one right at the beginning if you listen to the episode), it went FANTASTICALLY! I found out that an interview is nothing more than an in-depth conversation that other people are listening in on. The conversation was totally engaging, and over the course of the hour, he offered many insights and real-world practical action steps of things people can try to increase their mental toughness en-route to an ‘unbeatable mind’.

I’m embedding the show below for your listening pleasure. I highly recommend listening in… well worth your while!



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