Women vs. Men…in regards to nutrition?

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Today’s Workout

Split JerkWe all know men and women are different in many ways, and a number of us obsess over nutrition and specifically what to eat right after a workout. Did you ever wonder if men and women might be different in this area, too? A recent article in the New York Times highlight some research done on the topic of post-workout nutrition and the differences between the sexes. Traditionally such studies on nutrition and athletes are done with all male groups, but this recent work included female athletes, too. The study was done with cyclists, but opens the door for considerations for athletes in all sports. It turns out women had a different response to post-workout proteins and carbs and the absorption rates of nutrients before and after workouts differs between the sexes.

Check out the compete article for more information.
Special thanks to Monica Dournaee for bringing this article to our attention!

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