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The Playa del Rey Triathlon experience was so special that my own words can’t capture it. That’s why I had the triathletes themselves write their own blurbs. Though I didn’t get a statement from everyone, there seems to be a universal, underlying theme expressing how wonderful a coach Jamie is and how special it is to be part of a CFLA team. 

triclub2“Jamie helped us understand the countless variables for a triathlon. He made sure we worked through these in exhaustion to eliminate chance of something going wrong on race day. The value of our coach could not have been more clear on race day as we saw competitors retreat from the water, get pulled out by lifeguards, incapable of changing flat tires, and cramp to the point where they had to walk the entire run.  He coached us to get through our biggest hurdles, focus on our strengths and develop our weaknesses. When I look back on my first triathlon I remember the hard work, the support, our competitive team, but most importantly our Coach. Thank you Jamie! “ – Matt Cerussi

“As I was driving during the early morning of the triathlon I definitely was feeling very nervous. This was it! My first triathlon! I knew I was going to have some jitters but not like this. But as I walked into the transition area and found my CFLA teammates all in one section setting up, I quickly forgot all about being nervous. How can you be nervous when you’re busy laughing, joking and sharing in each other’s excitement? To be quite honest the triathlon is a big blur now. I can’t even remember if i heard the starter say ‘go.’ The thing I clearly remember was the cheering we got throughout the race and especially at the end. From my teammates encouraging me during the race to our CFLA family cheering for us from the sidelines.” – Tom Lee

“Over the course of three months bless his soul Jamie Silber tolerated our relentless shenanigans, constant questions, and early morning complaints. He managed to not only teach us how to swim, bike, and run, but how to handle the unforseen calmly and confidently, how to compete, and how to still have fun while doing so.Thanks to all of our cheerleaders who came out on Sunday — you don’t realize how much we appreciate it and how energizing it is to hear your name being screamed! Good work CFLA Tri Team!!! It was so much fun sharing some unforgettable moments of laughter and training alongside y’alls those early Saturday mornings. Hey, for being told we have the attention span of gnats I’d say we did pretty damn well!” – Niki Marek, 1st Place, Sprint Women 25-29.

“I pretty much never thought I would ever do a triathlon in my life.  Ocean swimming is a big fear and of course come the morning of race day the waves were unbelievably huge!!  I realized while I was out there how much Jamie’s training seriously prepared me.  I was able to stay calm and keep moving instead of turning back.  Jamie Silber is the most amazing human being and coach.  He saved my life and pushed me past my limits like nobody has before.  I’m truly blessed to have had this experience and learn from him.  Plus, it was very comforting to see my CFLA family racing by my side!  I’m going to miss seeing them all bright and early Saturday morning!  Amazing group to train with, couldn’t have done it without them! :)” – Renee Reiff

“The sea was pretty angry that morning . But I’m glad I survived and finished strong with a new PR. I felt so much more comfortable during the race because of Jamie’s coaching. His last words to me were ‘don’t stop swimming’ and I didn’t 🙂 And it was also comforting to see familiar faces – we all cheered each other on as a true team! Such an individual sport but felt like a team because of the group camaraderie. Thanks again Coach Jamie!” -Monica Arteche Sone, 4th Place Sprint Women 25-29

“While the physical challenge of the triathlon is pretty daunting, I found staying in the race mentally to be incredibly difficult for me. The final four miles of the run were the worst, but there is nothing more rewarding than winning the mental battle and crossing that finish line! Thanks to CFLA for all of the mental toughness work we do. Beat last year’s time by 11 minutes!” – Benet Heames

“Definitely owe it all to Coach Jamie’s words of wisdom both technical and mental. To echo Monica’s thoughts, this was a totally different experience than our first two sprint tris in June. It felt great competing with a group and a team. Having them push you because we’re all competitive and want to win, but also pushing each other to give it your all. Great support from Shirley and everyone who came out to watch too!  Good times!” – Steven Sone

“I never imagined myself as a triathlete, but when the training program was offered through CFLA, it seemed like an opportunity I didn’t want to miss out on. After a little apprehension, I signed up because I think I have a horrible case of FOMO (‘fear of missing out’). Looking back, it was absolutely worth it. I enjoyed the prep more than anything. Tuesdays, Saturdays, emails from Jamie (which all of us always read) and lots of laughs in between. This team an this community of people from CFLA were inspiring. It was incredibly rewarding to compete alongside them, and our fearless leader Jamie couldn’t have done a better job prepping us–and putting up with us. Definitely one for the books! – Ryan Gorman, 3rd Place

TRICLUB“First of all, triathlons can be a pretty lonely affair.  Not much talking, just head down and push to the finish. But someone forgot to tell that to Coach Jamie Silber aka CFLA Tri Dad. His most important advice was to look around at some point in the race, take it all in and smile. He guaranteed it would make you faster by at least a minute. I wish he had given me advice for how to deal with the horse in the wetsuit who seemed to wrap himself around me as a giant wave took us under and his hoof kicked me in the goggles. As I struggled to regain my composure, Chad Naylor, hard to miss with his art-covered arms swimming by looked up and gave me a reassuring ‘you’re doing great.’ That encounter snapped me out of it pulled me back into the game.  It was a reminder that while competing might be solitary experience, CFLA friends and supporters are all around. We have become a wonderful, scrappy family within the larger CFLA family and being a part of that beats winning a medal any day.  But I must admit, I did enjoy doing the iconic Jamie Silber squat on the podium.” – Charlie Windisch-Graetz, 2nd Place Olympic Men 50-54

triclub4“Looking back the CLFA Tri club was an amazing experience on many levels.  Jamie coached me when I was in high school and what more can you ask for in a coach – he’s a world class animal…. I mean athlete!  Then the weekend and week day gatherings all over the Westside for workouts, that was awesome.  The swims are the best and it didn’t end there.  The day of the tri there was Jamie on the beach coaching away before the event,  and the cheering section coming across the finish line with my family waiting was one of those ‘priceless’ moments.  Is it July yet?  (Isn’t that when the class starts again?)” – Ryan Morelli   

“Standing on the beach in the morning fog, rubber wetsuit snug around me,         my heart starting to beat louder in my chest. The surf seemed thundering — louder and bigger than we had seen in on our training swims. I saw the first wave of participants go off.  I looked out and saw some people beaten back to shore walking out or rescued by lifeguards. Before the tingle of terror could make its way from my brain to the rest of my body, I looked around and saw Coach Jamie Silber and our CFLA group huddled.  Jamie calmly told me to not try to bodysurf on the way in and make sure I dive deep on the way out. We had drilled this many times before as a group, and were prepared. There was nothing but support and encouragement from the CFLA team. Jamie was an amazing coach. His knowledge of triathlon training and sports psychology is only surpassed by his infectious enthusiasm for the sport. BIGGUPS! to my fellow CFLA-Tri-Club members and a huge THANK YOU to Jamie for his dedication to us and to those that came out and supported us.” – Adam Gafni


Tuesday’s Workout

A) For quality in 5min
     Max meters rowing

B) Kipping pull-up skill practic

C) For time
     Row distance from Part A

D) For time
     50 deadlifts (≤40%)

E) EMOM 10
     2 Power snatches (≤75%)

And Coming Wednesday

Franklin Hill
“6 on the 6”



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