Workouts, Training, Showing up, and Elite Fitness – a letter to our students

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A few months ago, we made a change to our website. We announced that the workout in the gym wouldn’t necessarily correspond to the workout posted on the website. We did this to avoid “cherry picking,” our word for the act of picking only the workouts you want to do and avoiding those workouts that you don’t like, or don’t have any desire to do (like weightlifting for some of you).

Well, we’ve learned a few things since then that I want to share with you…

I’ve always been a firm believer that my function as a fitness coach is to advise, guide and encourage you to do things that help you improve, learn and grow; and to be responsible for yourself in the process. In the context of CrossFit, that means to teach you the skills, movements, training, diet and recovery that will help you move forward toward Elite Fitness (aka “Black Belt”). But it’s not my job to make you do it, nor is it my job to eliminate your choice and ability to be responsible for yourself – to show up in spite of your lack of desire, reservation or insecurity; or to not show up based on an injury or any other personal reason.

While I certainly know that for you to get the BEST results with us in CrossFit and in your life, it’s important that you show up each and every day with an open mind – and with the desire to train your weaknesses as much as (or more than) your strengths. However, it’s NOT my job to force you to do it. Will you improve if you just show up for the workouts that you like? YES! Though your growth and progress would be more effective, faster and more complete were you to balance your training, focusing on your weaknesses and those things that you don’t really like to do.

That said, I’ve decided to revert back to our old system. From this point forward, the workout that is posted on the website will be the same workout that we do in the gym. Remember that the ultimate decision lies with the coach on the floor – he/she can change it if desired, but our general policy will be to do the posted workout of the day on This way, you’ve got the choice… check the website (or don’t) and show up if you want to (or don’t). You get to choose – and be responsible for the consequences of your choices. Be responsible. Show up. Don’t quit. Train your weaknesses. Show up for the workouts even if you don’t really want to or see the need. And, if you choose not to, that’s OK too.

I strongly encourage all of you to use this as a challenge! Rest assured that if we thought a workout or movement weren’t critically important for your development as an athlete, we wouldn’t include it in our programming. So, if you’re not good at something, or don’t think it suits you, or don’t get that it is related to your fitness, ask us about it, and then show up anyway!


Take your mark. Get set…

Today’s Workout

3 rounds for time of:
30 Cleans, 95 lbs men, 65 lbs, women
30 pull ups
800m run
** This is the workout we’ll be doing in the gym today, and yes, I know we already posted it earlier this week.



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