Would you starve?

Would you starve?

If you lived a mere 150 – 200 years ago, and you had to hunt for your own meal… would you starve? Or would do what you had to each day to feed yourself and your family?

I heard Coach Glassman say something several years ago and it has stuck with me ever sense. I’m sure you diehard Crossfiters could find it somewhere online. I’ll paraphrase, it goes something like this… Train your client spectacularly each day so as to earn their business the next. Regardless of your business model, contracts, pay-as-you-go, punchcard, that mentality needs to apply in your class approach. I say need and I believe that is an accurate word. It is a need. It’s a vital ingredient in your approach to your business and your clients.

How do you insure you can put food on your table each day?

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