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Today’s Workout
“Squat a Ton & Run”

Four rounds for time of:
Squat one ton
Run 400m
– note: you must start with your weights on the ground

One ton=2240 lbs
225 lbs. = 10 reps
205 lbs. = 11 reps
185 lbs. = 12 reps
155 lbs. = 15 reps
135 lbs. = 17 reps
115 lbs. = 20 reps
95 lbs. = 24 reps
65 lbs. = 35 reps
45 lbs. = 50 reps

What an amazing weekend – and amazing performances by our CFLA athletes! Win, lose, or draw, they all put in some spectacular efforts, making us all proud of their toil on the CrossFit battlefield!

First – CONGRATULATIONS is in order for Ingrid Kantola AND Shirley Brown. They both earned spots in the Regional Qualifiers. Not only that, Ingrid tore-up the field with a FIRST place finish in each WOD, giving her a perfect score and FIRST PLACE OVERALL in our Sectional! Leslie Macias and Tanya Bentley both performed admirably, both giving strong and memorable performances throughout the event, but falling just short of the top 20. On a side note, Tanya had the top score for BOTH women and men in the L-sit – 137 seconds (2:17) accumulated in a 3 minute period! Wow!

Our men? Truly inspiring efforts… absolutely! Top 20? Just wasn’t meant to be this time. Louie Hernandez and Michael Stanwyck finished JUST outside of the top 20, Louie in 21st and Michael in 28th. Zach was next with a 37th place finish – the handstand push ups having got the best of him in WOD 2. Jonesy took 87th place, but left his mark on the competition in Overhead Squats – with a 1st place score of 57 reps in 3 minutes with 95 pounds! Armen, pleased with his performance overall went home in 115th place, and Kenny? Well lets just say that 7 straight days of bronchitis prior to Sectionals took it’s toll on his ability to simply breathe… we’re glad that he came through both his sickness and Sectionals alive!

Congratulations to everyone for simply being on the playing field! What a weekend!

WOD 3 - "6 Max Efforts"



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