Yeah, it’s just like that


With a partner
Partner 1:
Runs a 200m

Partner 2:
5 K2E or Knee Ups
7 Burpees
9 Squats


With a partner (1 person working at a time), complete:
50 Pull Ups
60 Push Press*
70 Power Cleans*
80 Jumping Lunges
160 Sit Ups
A Partner 800m
Partners must finish run together
While I was in Costa Rica a couple of weeks ago, I got a chance to go white water rafting. I had never been white water rafting before, and before we got in the boat, Pili asked “is this like rowing at the gym?” I really didn’t know. It looked nothing like rowing on the erg. I only had one paddle, for instance, and by looking around, it seems like everyone was rowing pretty furiously with their arms.

I figured we’d find out soon enough and as soon as we were in the boat, I realized it was kind of silly for me not to know the answer. Of course it is like rowing on the erg. I mean it doesn’t look the same, but WHY would anything you were doing for sport, like moving a boat full of people, all of a sudden rely on some of the smallest muscles you’ve got?

It was actually kind of fun to figure it out, you know, how to apply what I’ve done a thousand times before to this real thing. I mean, picture it. Lean forward, stick the paddle in and with your arms straight the whole time, PULL with your body. It was crazy! It was just like it!

And I looked around at the other boats full of people looking like they were churning butter and I wondered how the boats moved at all – even with the current!

Anyway, just a nifty little thing I learned in my travels. The things we’re doing pop up as useful in the least expected places.

Capping off #FunWeek with Niki's birthday class/workout. Our friends from @deuce_gym Logan and Embo of  @mobotnation  came to play!
It’s all about da friends

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