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When people go thru the Apprenticeship Program here with Andy and myself, I make a point to describe that what is being learned similar to opening a tool box and they will use the appropriate tool as they see fit when they are in the day-to-day operations of their box. I also mention that I fully expect them to make the information their own and give back to the community with innovations. It would be very egotistical for us to think that we (at CrossFit LA/Petranek Fitness) know everything and there is only one way to accomplish something. We know that for information to be useful for this community it needs to be fluid, chameleon like, and is best when based on the specific needs of the Affiliate owner, Box and community. The following video is from a T.E.D conference and makes reference to open source and how the community is becoming the producer in many fields where only a few years ago big industry professionals we amongst the ranks… Sound familiar?

Are there any innovations you would like to share with the community regarding business?



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