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Most people don’t start CrossFitting because they want to work on nutrition and/or the food that they eat. This usually comes many months or years into the game, when they realize that if they made a few better choices during the week, they could improve their performance and get better, faster or stronger. Are you there yet? Wether you are or not, Alyssa & Shirley are there to support – with great recipes and challenges… in the gym on the white board, and in our discussion forums here – “Sweet Cheeks HQ Nutrition Board“. Check it out – next week’s challenge, starting on October 12th – go a week without ANY refined sugar.

By the way – just came out with foodscanner app for the iPhone. You can enter the food you eat into your food log based on a bar code scan!

Going Overhead – Max, Vince & Brad.

Today’s Workout

For time:

100 Squat Cleans (115#/75#)



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