You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

Today’s Workout


– At the start of class, one person draws a card from the CFLA SmackDown deck.
– The chosen card corresponds to a workout – that is the class’ WOD.
– NO card is a “safe.”
– BEWARE of the dreaded “Double Downs!”

It seems as though there is more and more information pouring out about the modern Westernized diet and how much it is killing people. I wonder how much of an impact it actually makes. I know that the people in our world know this stuff, but to so many others, it feels as though they want to assume they are being tricked into giving up a lifestyle that they are comfortable with. My hope is that slowly a critical mass will be reached and massive changes will begin to take place. Until then, you can only keep doing what you are doing and being an example to others,



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