You CrossFitting Wimp!

You CrossFitting Wimp!

An article in The Independent last week describes a new book by anthropologist Peter McAllister, entitled Manthropology, in which he asserts that by almost any standard modern man is a total wimp compared to any of his predecessors. The book begins with the inauspicious statement “If you’re reading this then you – or the male you have bought it for – are the worst man in history.” You name it – speed? Usain Bolt ain’t got nothin’ on the ancient aborigines who could, according to analysis of fossil records, chase an animal in the mud up to 37 km/h. Jumping, throwing, strength, endurance? All of our greatest modern achievements would have been easily matched or outdone by the most common of our furry forebears.

Ice those quads, wimp!

Today’s Workout
Pull ups


Partner hang power clean ladder (95/65)

In the first minute, perform 1 hang power clean. Increase the number of cleans by 1 each minute until you and your partner can no longer complete the prescribed number for the minute. You may divide the cleans up any way you like, but each partner must perform at least 1 of the cleans each minute.



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