You never know how you’re going to touch someone’s life

Tuesday’s Workout
Two rounds for time of:
-Max rope climbs in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest
-Max reps double unders in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest
-Max time in L-sit in 2 minutes
2 minutes rest

… and coming Wednesday
21-15-9 rep rounds for time of:
Deadlift (1.5x BW / BW)
Toes-to-Bar I attended a dinner last Friday night and sat at a table with someone I hadn’t seen in about 5 years. In fact, to be honest, I really didn’t even remember her. She is a friend of my wife’s who I met and stayed with at Sundance Film Festival a three day weekend. I hadn’t heard her name or seen her since.

Anyway, at this dinner, during a very brief conversation, she told me that I had had a profound impact on her. I looked at her like she was crazy. Me? How could that be possible? I hardly knew her, and I certainly didn’t remember doing anything that would have had that sort of impact on her (I tend to remember those sort of things).

Yes, she said, you were doing burpees… lots and lots of burpees. Every day. And, she said, seeing you do the work over the course of a day and then each of the days of the weekend (I must have been up in the high 80’s or 90’s during the 100-day burpee challenge) made me realize that there really is no shortcut. That even someone with your physical ability still has to do the work – every day, every single day. She said that since then she has been training, working out and boxing – and her health and fitness is in a completely different place than it was prior to that weekend!

I was blown away. I had no idea. And hadn’t really stopped to think about the possibility that I could have a profound impact on someone else’s life by not having to think about doing anything – as Yoda would say, not trying. Simply doing the things that make me me.

What about you? What daily practices are you engaged in that might be having that sort of positive impact on others? Or is there anyone that has had that sort of impact on you?


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