You say “obsession” like it’s a bad thing

I find people, when lacking for a better phrase, use the word obsession when discussing my affinity for some things in my life… namely CrossFit (however I tend to jump in with both feet in much of what I do). Maybe I’m being generous stating they actually might use a better phrase if they knew something different than “obsession” however this is my article so I will assume they’re nice people in my life… maybe they are trying to compliment me… maybe they are impressed I could clear the clutter out of my way and prioritize what I find important in life and get it done… maybe, aw hell, I know it’s none of that. I know they look at me (and maybe you too?) like a freak and I normally get this reaction in social settings when they have seen or heard the demands CrossFit puts on your body…. it’s that look of bewilderment followed closely by another gulp of their beer and a drag on their cigarette and they tell me how they hit the weights and then do cardio 3-4 times per week at the Globo gym… Very quickly into the conversation I tell myself “they just don’t get it” and I force myself to change the topic quickly because if I didn’t I would get evangelical and really distance myself from them more…

But I have to ask… how do you do what OPT does in this video without some type of obsessive nature?

How do you push yourself consistently for the weeks and months to hit the 6:59 that he does in the video?

How does something memorable ever happen without a FIERCE DETERMINATION to be the best that you can be?

When people think of Steve Jobs (or Bill Gates for you PC users) and all his amazing MAC/APPLE (microsoft) products (iphone anyone?) does anyone say dismissively “that Steve Jobs is obsessed?”… I think not. I believe they relish in his ingenuity. They love him and his passion for making their life better. Hell they love it so much they line up hours before the MAC stores open to be the first to purchase a new thingy… Steve (or Bill) are the top of what they do because they constantly challenge themselves and their team. I’m sure they are at the edge of the “cliff” every day.

So are you obsessed?

And if so do you think, like me, that it’s a good thing?

And if so you and I are a lot more the same than different.

PS – it’s no coincidence that we are doing the HELEN this PR phase.

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