Are Your Young Athletes Mobilizing?

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We constantly encourage and instruct mobilization in our adult classes because it helps release tightness in our soft tissues, increasing circulation and helps us recover better and faster. It can also create more range of motion. But we often forget to encourage our young athletes at home to mobilize. Imagine how they could benefit as well. In fact, imagine yourself as a young athlete benefiting from all the wise things you know now … Sigh.

Though our kids recover much faster than we do as a rule, it doesn’t mean that their bodies aren’t beginning to experience stresses, whether through a lot of sports practice, too much repetitive sports-specific movement, or sitting in a cramped desk most of the day. And most likely they are starting to learn the bad habits that got us adults into our own current, inflexible conundrum.

I try to get my girls to roll, stretch, use the lacrosse ball, or the MarcPro daily. Do they do it daily? Come on, they’re teenagers, but I feel successful if I can get them to do some sort of body maintenance a couple times a week. They don’t like to admit they feel better after because as we all know the process of digging a lacrosse ball into our tights hips isn’t as fun as scrolling Instagram for hours, but the benefits I’ve seen for them has been undeniable.

If your athletes are really young, between 6 and 10, keep the body maintenance gentle especially on the joints and lower back. As they become more developed and more active, adjust as needed. Ask or consult with a coach or your physical therapist if you need specific suggestions for your young athletes.

Thursday’s Workout

5 Rounds for time
 – with a partner
200m Sandbag front carry- 1 person carrying, walk/run with partner
40 Russian plate twists
30 KBS (24/16)
20 Plate burpees-same plate

And Coming Friday

“Retro Turbo Booty Blaster – Wear Your Leg Warmers & Headbands”

10 Lateral shuffles over box
10 Alternating knee to chest plank holds (hands on floor, feet on box)
10 Box jumps (step down)
1 Trip around the box on your hands (inverted)
10 Right leg power jumps
10 Left leg power jumps
200m Run



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