Your Olympic Sport

 In Blog asked a couple years ago:

“If literally every action a human can perform was an Olympic sport, which events would you win medals in?”

Though I’d love for this to be a poignant question, I prefer the funny answers on Reddit:

  • “Being unseen by motion sensors. The events would mostly be running into self-opening doors, and waving your hands in front of paper towel dispensers for three minutes.”
  • “Catching stuff that I drop with my foot right before it hits the ground.”
  • “Imaginary shower arguments.”
  • “Speed shitting.”
  • “If I see a glass bowl of jellybeans, I can perfectly estimate how many of them I’ll eat before I hate myself. It’s all of them.”
  • “I mean, I successfully cancelled a print job once. So there’s that.”
  • “Underachieving but I’d probably get bronze.”
  • “I can walk into any foreign kitchen and find the silverware drawer first try.”
  • “Google-Fu. In my village I am the only one with sacred knowledge of the Google and its depths.”
  • “Procrastinating.”
    (replies): “I’ll win gold next Olympics.”
    (r)”Anybody who shows up on time faces immediate disqualification.”
    (r) “Chances are, you’d win the 100m dash trying to make it to the awards ceremony in time.”

Happy Monday/Tuesday, guys. I’d love to hear your answers to this question, thoughtful or otherwise.

Tuesday’s Workout


0:00 – 20:00
1RM Back squat

20:00 – 23:00

23:00 – 43:00
1RM Bench press

Wednesday’s Workout

6k Row
–35min Cap–




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