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After I saw Jonesy wearing his Vibram Five Finger “shoes” during a workout about 5 months ago, I became intrigued with all things barefoot – walking, running, working out, etc. Now, after reading the article in New York Magazine “You Walk Wrong”, I’m more convinced than ever that going barefoot (or with as little foot “protection” as possible) is good for us all! Think about it – your feet have evolved over millions of years to become a biomechanically perfect platform from which to propel yourself. So I know what you might be thinking – “If I run barefoot, it will kill my feet / heels.” From the article, “If you walk or run with no padding, it’s murder on your heels—which is precisely the point. Your heels hurt when you walk that way because you’re not supposed to walk that way. Wrapping your heels in padding so they don’t hurt is like stuffing a gag in someone’s mouth so they’ll stop screaming—you’re basically telling your heels to shut up.”

A word to the wise – give yourself some transition time to get used to running or walking barefoot or in Five Fingers. You’re just asking for an injury if you buy a pair and go out for a 5k!

Kevin rounds the corner in a 400m run

Today’s Workout

Deadlift 3-2-2-2-1-1-1-1-1 reps



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