Your Health is a Result of Participation


Partner wod: 1 working at a time:
250m Row
6 burpees
12 DB thrusters


Partner WOD
1 working at a time
120 Box jumps
4 x 200m run
200 partner sit ups
4 x 200m run
120 RKBS120/60. Woo-hoo! 300? Doh! 46. Wow! 180. Aw, crap!

Aren’t numbers interesting? We measure everything by numbers – our health included. Numbers lock things down, categorize you, and make you feel “safe” about the knowledge of where you are and what you can do. But what do numbers really tell you?

Numbers can have a really bad habit of making us their victims. We read them and all of a sudden we know exactly how we are allowed to feel – happy (healthy) with a “good” number, unhappy (unhealthy) with a “bad” number. We’ll let something that is largely out of our control in the moment pull us all over the place. I am here to tell you here and now that your health has nothing to do with those numbers.

I don’t mean that using numbers is a bad thing. And I don’t mean that your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose aren’t important – those numbers can make a difference. But it’s really valuable to know how those numbers are important, how to use them, and not to get used by them.

What I’m talking about here is your experience of your health. You don’t have to have any number to have an experience. When it comes to that kind of health, health is a result of your participation, your willingness to take action. Your experience (the thing that determines the quality of your life) is a matter of getting in the game! If you wait until someone tells you the answer, gives you the rules, writes you a plan, or gives you a prescription before you are willing to play, you’ll be out for a long time.

Too many people sit on the sidelines of their own health while doctors, reporters, family members, trainers, and other “experts” tell them about their health and what the future holds; it’s very disempowering. Your health is your game to play and no matter what the numbers tell you, you can play your heart and soul (and body) out! Your health is not given to you by a set of numbers; it is claimed by you by your participation and your ownership of your choices, every day.

It all starts with the choices you make today.

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