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You CrossFit, right?

Yes – I know it’s a “hobby”… something that you do personally for your health, well-being and fitness.

Yes – I know that you’re reminded every day to keep your training within your means – so that it supports your fitness level, your mobility, your mechanics and your life.

Yes – I know that over 60% of our time in the gym is spent in “practice mode” – keeping our egos in check, focusing on form over speed and intensity, developing skills, taking small steps forward.


Sometimes competition IS important.

Sometimes even just watching competition is important.

Sometimes actually taking the time out of your busy life to go to an event to watch in person is important.

Important for YOUR own training and development… watching true incrediblenss… true virtuosity.

And there isn’t a better opportunity in the entire world than at the CrossFit Games.

Wait… you’re not going?

You know that it’s in your back yard, right? You know that people from all over the world are converging in Los Angels right now, as you read this, to attend the Games. You know that there are Master’s Athletes competing in their events all day Tuesday – Thursday. You know that it’s the envy of most CrossFitters in other parts of the world – the fact that you LIVE less than 30 minutes from the Games.

I’m going… will be there Friday – Sunday. 

The experience is unlike any other… Take a morning or afternoon out of your busy life this week… spend the $50 (or whatever you can get a ticket for)… and go. Really. Worth it. You won’t be sorry.

 Today’s Workout

A) 2 RFQ (:30:30)
Tuck Jumps for soft landing
Side plank (rt)
Burpee broad jumps
Side Plank (lt)

B) 3×3 BS (+2 / +5) (20 min)

C) 3×3 Press (+2 / +5) (15 min)

Coming Wednesday


Four rounds:
400m. Run
89 DU
7 HSC (155/105)

Followed by 50 Burpees




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