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When I was seven, I lived with my grandfather who was a retired Marine sergeant. He served at Iwo Jima and had earned a purple heart for having his bottom teeth shot out. How, logistically, did that happen? I have no clue. Any time I asked him about it — or about the wars he served — he would jut out his false teeth at me like he was opening the bottom drawer of his face.

My grandfather ran his household like he ran his troops: with a face full of “WTF is Your Problem” and very high expectations of the toughness of human beings. I learned very quickly while living under his roof not to just toughen up, but that he was right, I was tough. His favorite line while I was in his care was, “You’re fine.” And unless a limb was dangling by a tendon off my body, he was right. I was fine.

Trip and fall on the cracked, concrete patio while he was playing Gin with his friends? He’d take the cigar out of his mouth and grunt, “You’re fine. Wash that blood off my patio.” Bash my head on the corner of the bar while I was chasing a cousin in the den? “You’re fine. And stop running in the damn house.” I don’t feel any loss for this lack of coddling. The fact was, I wanted to be tough just like him.

Last week I went to a boxing class and for some reason the instructor reminded me of my grandfather. The Boxer was nicer — who isn’t — but there was something about the bare-bones manner in which he ran his class that made me nostalgic. The Boxer quickly explained the warm up/conditioning stations and that was that. What are you waiting on?  He actually coached well when it came to boxing, but I went into automatic self reliance and told myself, “You’re fine. Get to it.” I was charged with energy and I killed that class.

I think my grandad would be proud of how I’ve handled things in my life; how tough I can be without having to be tough all the freaking time like he felt he had to be. I mean, he’d be proud in, like, a small nod and a tiny flash in his eye kind of way. Either way, I’m fine.


Friday’s Workout

4 RFQR (30s:30s)
Lateral KB Swings (20/12)
Alt Pistols
Toes to bar
Row for cal

4 RFQR (40s:20s)
Lateral KB Swings (20/12)
Alt Pistols
Toes to bar
Row for cal

2 Cleans (by feel)
1 Jerk

Saturday’s Workout

400m Run
10 Burpees
20 OH Plate Get-ups (45/25)
50 Double Unders

Sunday’s Workout
“Crush Gone Filthy”
3 Rounds, 1 min at each:
Wall Balls (20/14)
AKBS (20/16)
Box Jump (24/20)
S2O (95/65)
Knees to Elbow
Monday’s Workout
Thrusters (95/65)
Kipping pullups
–6min Cap–



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