Youth classes start NEXT WEEK

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Many adults who I talk to about our kids program say they wish that they had this when they were a kid. Well, we are here and have been running classes for 7 years now. I have to admit it’s pretty cool to see all the kids that have come through the doors. Some have come for a little bit, gained awareness, built strength and confidence and moved on.  And some have come and stayed for a while, which is pretty cool too.  What I’ve mostly found is that giving kids the opportunity to play, with challenge and guidance in a supportive way works.

My goal to get kids moving and create awareness in how they move while having fun, building strength and gaining confidence. The environment here is super supportive and does just that. Looking forward to meeting some new kids this upcoming session!

Thursday’s Workout

A) For Quality Load:
3 Rep Front Squat w/ 20-second hold in bottom position on each rep

B) 5RFQ (:30:30):
Assault Bike
DB See-saw Presses
Tuck Jumps
Strict Pull-ups

Friday’s Workout

In 4 minutes:
Row 750m
5 Manmakers (50/35)
Rest 1 min
In 4 minutes:
Row 500m
10 Manmakers
Rest 1 min
In 4 minutes:
Row 250m
15 Manmakers



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