Zillion Sum Game

Today’s Workout

20 min. skill practice – rings

Complete as many rounds as possible, in 20 min:
5 chest-to-bar pull ups
10 clapping push ups
15 jumping squats
We all at some point have probably heard the term “zero sum game.” This is a scenario where if one person wins, someone else necessarily has to lose. More specifically, the amount of one person’s gains is equal to the other person’s losses.

That doesn’t sound fun at all.

Instead, how about a “zillion sum game”? Recently I was in Portland, Oregon at a conference called the World Domination Summit. One of the speakers, Jonathan Fields, talked about the concept of the zillion sum game. This is a scenario where EVERYBODY wins – even people who don’t know they’re in the game.

CrossFit could be looked at as either — a zero sum game or a zillion sum game. You could come to class and pick out the best equipment, get the best spot on the floor, and do your best to beat everyone else in the room without a thought to their journey or their progress. You could make it all about you.

Or you could make it about everybody getting better. You could help out the new student. You could share tips on exercises. You could help out your “rival” because you know their improvement will inspire your improvement. You could let someone in on the choice equipment (I think we all know about the smooth handled kettlebells at this point, right?).

In either scenario you could succeed. But, which sounds more fun? Which sounds more like a community you want to be a part of?

Yin’s radiant smile!

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